White Paper: The Cost of Speeding and Potential Savings Using SpeedGauge

Vehicle speed is the single most significant operational cost variable directly attributable to driver behavior: how fast truck drivers choose to drive corresponds directly to the rate and cost of truck crashes, vehicle wear and tear, and fleet fuel efficiency. However, many fleet managers have only a very vague idea of the direct and indirect financial costs of speeding in terms of how it increases the risk of crashes, maintenance, and fuel consumption.

White Paper: UK Risks by Location Analysis From a risk perspective, where you drive matters.

In the face of the popular belief that the high-speed motorways represent the greatest risk for commercial drivers, this SpeedGauge white paper finds that single and dual-carriageways represent a far higher risk on a per mile driven basis. Given the fact that the UK has about the lowest percentage of controlled access traffic volume of any major western country, the risk posed by A and B roads should be of particular concerns to fleets operated in the UK.

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