SpeedGauge Safety Center

Flagship Commercial Fleet Offering

The SpeedGauge Safety Center is a driver coaching and performance management service offered to commercial fleets through our worldwide partnership network of top GPS tracking providers.

Tightly integrated with our partners’ solutions, the Safety Center is deployed with the click of a mouse as a value added software upgrade. It is also offered as a standard feature with select SpeedGauge partners.

Designed around the simple driver behavior that has the greatest impact on safety and performance, the Safety Center motivates drivers, empowers managers, and provides accountability for executives. Using the Safety Center, fleets have access to a range of features for tracking and managing vehicle speed trends and driver behavior – the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy.

The Safety Center uses our industry-leading speed limit and road risk databases, which are verified around the clock and improved with data imported directly from fleets and cross referenced by SpeedGauge. The Safety Center allows fleets to set custom speed limits for any location where they operate, as well as custom road condition parameters in specific zones and locations they deem hazardous or prone to performance issues.

Fleets also gain insight into how speed-based risk behavior compares with other fleets through SpeedGauge’s proprietary Safety ScoreTM , an inter-fleet benchmarking system.

Offered as a low-cost subscription through most SpeedGauge partners, the Safety Center is a zero risk, 100% upside choice that increases the value of any fleet’s GPS tracking investment.

Key Features

Safety Center

  • Scheduled Reports - identify patterns and trends in your fleet’s speeding behavior
  • Charts - gain a quick overview of speeding performance trends over time
  • Real Time Alerts - instant email notifications of speeding violations - as they happen!
  • Live Activity Feed - a real-time dashboard to identify and visualize speeding as it occurs
  • SG Safety Score - a comparative benchmark to see how you compare to other fleets, and to show the world that you care about safety!

Support & Consulting Services

SpeedGauge offers a range of support and consulting services to get you up and running and to make sure that you get the most out of your Safety Center investment - all absolutely free!

  • Training - group overviews and in-depth one-on-one sessions
  • Implementation Strategies - use SpeedGauge to achieve your safety goals
  • Trend Analysis - uncover the patterns and trends in your fleet's behavior
  • Safety Performance Evaluations - see how SpeedGauge has improved your fleet's performance

Remote Services

SpeedGauge is a global safety solutions provider, and our services can reach your most remote global operating locations - from oil fields and mines in North America to Pacific Islands or the African savannah. SpeedGauge’s mapping specialists will work with your team to import private map data, or to create maps from scratch. Contact sales@speedgauge.net to learn more.

So Much More Than Software!

Is it the data? At SpeedGauge we think it’s the people!

In the GPS tracking business, you hear a lot about “data” and “analytics,” but not so much about people.  At SpeedGauge, we have built our service around your core assets: your drivers and the people who support them. With that in mind, we strive to:

  • Understand the root cause of poor driving habits
  • Deliver services that are intuitive and have low cost of ownership that focus directly on those habits
  • Provide sophisticated features and methods for users who want to dive into their data more deeply while keeping things simple for those who don’t
  • Continual check in with customers to make sure they are getting the full value from our service and aware of the latest system improvements
  • Consult with customers by phone, chat, email, webinars, custom training, and even in person at industry events and customer site visits to share best practices, answer questions and further improve our service

Finally, we strive to measure our success by the success of our users. At SpeedGauge we continually ask ourselves: Who is using our service? How are they using our service? Why are they using our service? What more do they need?

Come join SpeedGauge Safety Center and become a part of our safety community.

Up and running with a few clicks - deployment support and training

Getting started with SpeedGauge is easy, and doesn’t require a major investment of time or money. We offer training videos and articles, as well as phone and online support and one-on-one training to help get your speed monitoring system up and running. Our goal is to help fleet managers quickly and easily understand the reports that are available to them and to get the most out of their investment in SpeedGauge!

How to Get SpeedGauge

Deploying SpeedGauge is as easy as opening an email. Since most leading tracking providers are now integrated with SpeedGauge, most fleets can begin using SpeedGauge with the click of a mouse. The Safety Center can be delivered through any of our publicly announced GPS Tracking partners -- see the rolling list immediately below. If you do not see your GPS provider, just ask us - we may have a non-public partnership agreement. Drop us a line to find out how quickly we can get you up and running.