Additional SpeedGauge Analytics, Data & Testing Services


The SpeedGauge Safety ScoreTM, a feature which allows customers to compare performance against similar fleets is also available to fleets without access to our primary service. SpeedGauge can run your historical data to calculate a benchmarking score, allowing you to compare speeding trend data with existing SpeedGauge fleets. Use this information to see how your fleet is doing, and how your trends compare to those of other fleets.

Data Analytics API
Risk analysis; Score Card Services; Key Performance Indicators

SpeedGauge offers access to its proprietary speed limit and road risk database for use in customized data analytics applications. Our RESTful API allows your tech support teams to quickly access the most comprehensive speed limit database available. Constantly updated by SpeedGauge customers with verification by SpeedGauge data experts, our analytics service allows you to cut and cross-reference any vehicle data set. If your company could benefit from analysis of vehicle data to identify everything from underwriting risk to benchmarking, SpeedGauge allows you to leverage our data expertise.

Data Warehousing with ETL Services
Service available to enterprise customers using SpeedGauge Safety Center

SpeedGauge invites its enterprise customers to analyze their speeding event data in a purpose built data warehouse environment for in-depth geospatial data exploration and quantitative analysis. Let SpeedGauge load your annotated vehicle tracking data into our data warehouse. Then, let your business analysts perform an in-depth exploration of your own fleet’s Speeding Incidents or other road risk data.

Performance Monitoring for Non-Fleet Stakeholders

Fleet owners and operators are not the only stakeholders who care about fleet safety. Shippers, brokers, facility operators, freight forwarders, customers - any company that outsources fleet operations - are exposed to risk. They need to evaluate performance from third-party fleet operators. These companies understand that their own company's brand and reputation are often in someone else’s hands. Let SpeedGauge provide you with a customized portal into your third party fleet risk exposure for the purposes of compliance and performance analysis. Using our unmatched speed limit and road risk engine, we can provide a one time performance review, understand a fleet wide performance standard over a period of time, or even establish a single statistic benchmark that vehicles and drivers can work toward.

GPS Device Accuracy Testing & Monitoring

SpeedGauge brings uses proprietary and patent pending techniques to test your GPS devices and monitoring system. By passively monitoring devices and reports, SpeedGauge efficiently detects devices that report higher than expected location variance, which may be a sign of poor device installation or other performance issues.

Patent pending: US20130131976