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During our beta test with SpeedGauge we had a service center with 160 trucks reduce speeding violations by 50% within 6 months, and are forecasting similar results company wide. SpeedGauge has been a great partner to have and the system is a good tool for lane engineering and productivity measurement.

Sam Faucette, Director of Safety, Compliance & Recruitment,
Old Dominion Freight Lines

For Hire Carrier

We are very impressed with the data SpeedGauge can capture; everything I was hoping to get and more. Every single carrier should spend 2 hours with the SG Professional Services team! They provided a boat-load of information and some excellent tips and advice to chew on as we improve our safety operations.

Carol A. Millam, Safety Director
Amhof Trucking, Inc.

For Hire Carrier

In 2010 we had more speeding tickets than we cared for and a lower CSA score than was to be desired. In the time since we've integrated SpeedGauge into our fleet we have seen an important reduction in speeding violations. SpeedGauge Reports allow us to identify habitual speeders in our organization and enable 1-on-1 discussions with these drivers. Through communication and establishing the role SpeedGauge plays in our organization, we were able to seamlessly implement speed monitoring in addition to speed limiters, allowing us to maximize our fleet safety commitment. For us SpeedGauge is not about punishing or spying on drivers. We look only for those drivers with speeding patterns outside of the normal realm. Our clients trust us with their cargo and the public trusts us to operate safely when out on the roads. SpeedGauge allows our company to meet both of these important objectives.

Paul Schmitz and David Viessman
Cliff Viessman, Inc., Gary, South Dakota

For Hire Carrier

SpeedGauge enables us to create a better presence in the public. Implementing SpeedGauge was as simple as flipping a switch and has allowed us to cut speeding violations by 22% in the first five months of use.

Brett McGovern, VP of Operations
Martin Transportation Systems, Byron Center, Michigan

Private Fleet

SpeedGauge is part of our entire safety program. Speed has everything to do with safety. SpeedGauge helps to slow down our drivers. SpeedGauge fosters general awareness - we are aware of our drivers' speed and they are more aware of the speeding limits. The company is only averaging 1.2 speeding events per driver, per week. It is a great product and very dependable. SpeedGauge has done a really good job of communicating, being responsive and providing weekly reports to send to our supervisors.

Senior Manager, Fleet Safety & Compliance
Leading national manufacturer and distributor

Intermodal Transport

We have used SpeedGauge for six months and it has very effectively lowered speed events by more than 67%. The ability to cross reference an event with a map helps to successfully drive the point home with our drivers. We emphasize that our job is to get the driver home each day and that these events show he/she is taking risks that his/her family do not deserve.

Kelly Peeks
Inland Intermodal Logistics Services, LLC, Memphis, Tennessee

Rail Crew Transport

Our operations team is excited to get their true speed violations. The data is now more relevant and we are able to coach our drivers who speed at lower speeds. We pull the SpeedGauge information daily via an API and have integrated it into our existing data so an automated report can be sent each day to each respective manager.

Steve Heinking, CIO
Renzenberger Inc., Lenexa, Kansas

Private Fleet

SpeedGauge has been an excellent partner with Tru Serv Logistics over the past two years, and provides a valuable visibility tool to our fleet. Utilizing the data provided by SpeedGauge, we are able to make well informed business decisions relating to DOT compliance and fuel economy, and find that the detailed information makes a useful driver coaching tool for our Regional Transportation Managers.

Gregory Swanson
True Value Stores, Inc., Harvard, Illinois

Bulk Carrier

SpeedGauge is incredibly helpful and insightful. SpeedGauge allows me to monitor our drivers' performance for speed and their compliance. With our old system, I had to manually search through hundreds of pages of data. Now I get a daily email every morning that is succinct, convenient and easy to review, allowing me to better manage my time.

Ralph Bower
Lomak Bulk Carriers, Prince George, British Columbia

For Hire Carrier

SpeedGauge is enabling us to develop a driver rating database to better track the performance and safe driving habits we encourage as a company; allowing us to achieve savings through fuel costs, maintenance and receive better insurance rates. Activating SpeedGauge for our fleet was quick, simple and easy. After just a short call to our AVL, PeopleNet, we were receiving vehicle reports the very next day. SpeedGauge not only gives us the information we need to identify safe driving habits among drivers, the information is allowing us to develop a driver coaching process to ensure our fleet holds to the safe driving principles that are important to our company.

Phil McGuire
McGuire Transportation, Temple, Texas

For Hire Carrier

I have been with Van Kam for 4 years and have incorporated XATA e-logs and watched the accident ratio drop. However we still had a few major accidents all caused by speed into corners. So, I did some research and met with Bob from SpeedGauge a few years back and after looking at SpeedGauge I loved what the system had to offer. I pushed a few buttons with XATA and they added the speed portion to their system. I wrote some drivers up for speeding through corners using the SpeedGauge information and the news spread through all the drivers. I am very happy with the auto email system and the way we, as a company, can set the parameters for the trucks. Since SpeedGauge has been put in we have had 0 major accidents. The drivers got the message that someone is watching and we would rather write them up than have the police involved or an accident occur. We are very happy with SpeedGauge and its design and would recommend it to anyone trying to improve on their safety record.

Wayne Dubeau, Safety Manager
Van-Kam Freightways Ltd., Surrey, British Columbia

For Hire Carrier

FCC was just selected as the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) 2011 Best Fleet for Company Drivers to work for in North America (both U.S. and Canada) and FCC also finished in the Top-20 in the Independent Contractor competition in part due to SpeedGauge solutions. This is a great honor! Even more weight is added to this recognition when you consider the fact that FCC also earned the #1 position in 2009. The Best Fleets program has been in place for only three years and FCC has been at the top for two of those three years.

Tim McCormick
Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc. Fremont, Nebraska

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