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Heniff Transportation: Using SpeedGauge to Improve Driver Safety

We sat down with Joe Neal, Director of Information Technology at Heniff Transportation Systems to learn how his team uses SpeedGauge data to help drivers improve safety on the road using an excellent coaching and incentive program. SpeedGauge is proud to be able to help Heniff create a system that allows them to hold individuals accountable while rewarding drivers for safe behavior - a win-win for everyone!

What it is

A comprehensive driver scorecard that allows Heniff to sync all of their data points into a “simple, all-in-one system” that keeps “all of the metrics in one place.”

This scorecard lets drivers see where they need to improve each month to ensure that they receive their safety bonus and avoid any trouble with their safety managers.  

How it works

Heniff uses the SpeedGauge API to retrieve incident report data and import it into a custom driver scorecard. This scorecard includes data from SpeedGauge, PeopleNet, TMW, and Heniff's HOS system.

The scorecard looks at driver logs, the number of incidents, and their severity.

Safety managers determine whether verbal or written warnings are in order, and drivers receive coaching if necessary.

How it’s used

Drivers receive the necessary warnings and coaching for their violations.

Safe drivers are rewarded with a monthly safety bonus.

Paying out bonuses separately from ordinary pay helps drivers see the benefits of safe driving and how it affects their bottom line, as well as the company’s!

Over 70% of drivers receive their safety bonus every month!

How do drivers like SpeedGauge?

They love it! Of course, there was resistance at first when SpeedGauge, e-logs and other technologies were introduced, but once drivers saw the benefits, they changed their minds! “Transparency is key,” Joe tells us, because it allows drivers to see exactly how their scores are calculated, giving them plenty of opportunity to make improvements before the end of each month and ensuring their safety bonus.

At SpeedGauge we’re always excited to see fleets make use of our tools and technology to make life on the road safer for their drivers - and Heniff doesn’t disappoint!    

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