TCW: Using SpeedGauge to show drivers the way to safety

TCW: Using SpeedGauge to show drivers the way to safety

When TCW started using SpeedGauge six years ago, their average speeding rate was 3%. Today it’s 0.5%! This is the kind of thing that gets us excited here at SpeedGauge HQ, so we sat down with Director of Safety Ronnie Holland and Compliance Manager David Jackson to learn more.

Back in 2010, when TCW started using the Safety Center, it was not a hit, but today drivers can’t wait to see their SpeedGauge performance each month. What changed?

“It did not go over well at first,” Ronnie told us. Drivers didn’t like the feeling that they were being watched, or the possibility that they could be punished for their driving behavior. Over time, though, the TCW safety team was able to help drivers understand that management wasn’t mistrustful or upset with anyone. “Once they understood that we were just happy to catch speeding before the police and we told everyone, ‘You’re not in trouble. We just want to improve speeding,’ they started to get it.”

TCW quickly discovered that it is important to give drivers a reason to be safe, not just a reason to avoid being unsafe. “The big difference came when we put the safety bonus in place - it gave them another incentive to be safe and to obey the speed limit.”

Using SpeedGauge’s summary reports, along with other data from various sources, TCW pays a quarterly safety bonus to their safe drivers. Part of that bonus means keeping their speeding percentage below 1% on the SpeedGauge summary report.

By focusing on overall speeding, rather than individual incidents, drivers understand that they are being rated on their overall performance, not being picked on for isolated events. “With the speeding percentage, we know that one violation will not affect anyone’s safety bonus.” To ensure that drivers are treated fairly, TCW also builds in some leeway with the percentages they require from their drivers. At its core, TCW uses SpeedGauge as an overall coaching program, not a “gotcha!” tool, and TCW’s approach to driver safety keeps this in mind.

Along with the safety bonus, TCW also makes use of one of their best assets in driver coaching: other drivers! With their unique Master Coach Program, drivers who show leadership potential and communications skills work with other drivers to help them reduce their speeding. “Our approach is to ask drivers ‘What can we do to help you reduce speeding?’” This approach shows drivers a friendly face when discussing speed and safety, and helps to keep the focus on opportunities for improvement, not demands for perfection. It also helps to remind drivers that safety measures aren’t arbitrary rules - they are guidelines designed to keep drivers themselves safe!

Using safety bonuses and their coaching program, TCW’s safety managers have reduced speeding in the fleet. “I wish we knew how many accidents we’ve prevented. There’s no doubt in my mind that by slowing down we have more time to react and turn accidents into near-misses.” With SpeedGauge data and their existing commitment to safety, they have even chosen to walk away from accounts when they’ve found that the contract could not be fulfilled without speeding.

Today, more than 80% of TCW drivers keep their speeding below 1% each quarter. As more and more drivers make the bonus, the speed demons no longer have much of an excuse - “if they can do it, so can you!” The first terminal to bring the speeding percentage of every driver below 1% will get a company-sponsored cookout - it hasn’t happened yet but they’re close, and we can’t wait!

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