Partner with SpeedGauge to Win Deals

Offering the SpeedGauge Safety Center demonstrates your commitment to fleet safety innovation and helps you win customers and close deals

At SpeedGauge, we are dedicated to helping our partners and resellers achieve their growth and customer retention goals. Our success in markets around the world is built on our partnerships. In sectors ranging from heavy-duty trucking to small service fleets, we understand that our success depends upon our partners’ success. From co-branded marketing materials and joint sales calls or technical customization, we do whatever it takes to help our partners win new business and extend our value-added service to their existing customer base.


  • Co-branded marketing collateral: SpeedGauge provides a wide selection of marketing materials to assist you in promoting the Safety Center to your existing and prospective customers, and we are happy to work with your sales and marketing teams to create new materials to fill specific promotional needs.
  • Sales Support: Our experienced sales support staff is here to help and will serve as an effective ally in helping close large enterprise deals. We can also provide efficient outsourced sales services to directly close sales with your small and mid-sized customers.
  • Training & Customer Support: the Safety Center is designed to be user friendly, but for those who want more, SpeedGauge provides great online training and personalized customer support. Online Helpdesk, chat and phone support, best practices, online self-paced training modules, and personalized webinars are are available for your customers.
  • Technical Development: Our technical team is constantly working to improve the service and features of the SpeedGauge Safety Center, and are also on hand to help with any integration issues or technical difficulties that may arise.

Your Partnership Success Team

Dale Dunaitis, CTP, CSS, our Director of Safety, brings over a decade of fleet safety management experience to SpeedGauge’s consulting and implementation services. Dale comes to us from Martin Transportation Systems, a top-100 for-hire carrier, where he served as a NATMI-certified Safety Supervisor. A frequent speaker at industry events, Dale is also an experienced commercial driver, with over 1 million miles under his belt. As Director of Safety, Dale guides SpeedGauge’s efforts to help fleets get the most out of the Safety Center by improving safety and overall performance.

Laura Barner, our Director of Partners and Customer Engagement, is dedicated to working with our GPS partners to assist in sales, marketing and support efforts. By combining her knowledge, experience and success from the transportation and direct sales industries, Laura brings a strong sense of drive and enthusiasm to her partnership success efforts at SpeedGauge. — (415) 483-4258

John Ringelmann, our Partner Success Coordinator, works closely with SpeedGauge’s GPS Partners and their Resellers and brings his many years of transportation industry experience to the table. John's background includes playing a key role during the telematics industry's groundbreaking shake-up - zero cost hardware with BYOD and low-cost SaaS applications. His past involvement in all aspects of the sales process – from pre-sales technical advisor to implementation/deployment to post-sales customer support makes him a valuable asset for partners who want their customers to get the most from SpeedGauge services. - (415) 483-1470

Jack Lindgren, our Director of Technical Product Management, oversees all technical aspects of the partnership integration, from documentation and assistance with our API, to feature requests and customizations. Jack uses his blend of technical knowledge and deep understanding of SpeedGauge’s products to help make integration a breeze and the Safety Center as user friendly as possible for your customers. — (415) 483-1470

RJ Epperson, SpeedGauge’s Safety Center Implementation Specialist, conducts fleet performance evaluations and engages fleet managers one-on-one. Using his expertise in data analysis, he helps fleets identify speeding patterns and improve safety performance. Rather than focusing on single speeding events, RJ shows fleets that the highest safety performance comes from measuring and improving trends and overall safety at the individual and fleet level. - (415) 483-1470